• Via Scorpione, n.20/22 - 09016 Iglesias (SU)

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P.F.M. is specialized in the planning, supply and installation of production of electrical energy supplies, industrial supplies, and to prepare and regulate the control of emptying of dams and relative maintenance.
The activities of the company is identified as:
1. Planning 2.Supply
3. Assembly
4. Installation
5. Maintenance
Carpentry, operations of emptying below/above, strengthening pipelines, hydraulic systems in carbon steel and / or stainless steel welding with GTAW / SMAW / STT procedure, electrical system and electrical machinery, protective treatment on steel (sanding and varnishing).
Every activity is performed in respect System of Quality management according to Norma UNI EN ISO:2008
The possession of a testimony SOA category OG5 classification III has given a major prominence to the technological capacity of the company.